What to expect this session: Nothing good

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What to expect this session: Nothing good

We’re not going to sugar coat this for you: After Democrats won majorities in the House and Senate, the 2019 session could end up looking pretty scary. If Democrats get their way, state spending will explode, and taxpayers will be asked to fork over even more of their paychecks. All to give Jay Inslee “legislative victories” as he runs for President.

Here are a few things we expect to see from the Democrat-controlled Senate:

  1. An income tax–Gov. Inslee, House Democrats, and the liberal thinktanks continually saying a capital gains tax is not an income tax doesn’t make it true. The IRS and every state with a capital gains tax say otherwise. So when Senate Democrats opine on why our state supposedly needs a capital gains tax, know it’s their attempt at passing the Left’s dream policy: The unconstitutional graduated statewide income tax.
  2. Inslee’s “Green” agenda– Gov. Inslee isn’t focused on sound environmental policy, he’s focused on advancing his own career. Inslee uses all things “green” to brand himself for his White House run. Just look at the $750,000 proposal in his budget to study tearing down Washington dams. A rational, science-based approach would see the huge benefits of our dams.Dams play a major role in keeping energy affordable for our families — and they are CARBON FREE. Senate Democrats could put that in jeopardy, all so Inslee can convince lefty environmentalists to volunteer in presidential primary states.
  3. Crippled economic growth– Not only do the Democrats want to make it hard for Washingtonians to make ends meet, but they want to hamstring our small businesses too. Inslee’s proposed budget outlined billions more in Business & Occupation taxes on our service industries. We’re hopeful Senate Democrats will see the absurdity of Inslee’s job-killing tax hike and kick this tax hike where it belongs, to the trash heap of other failed Inslee policies.
  4. Stalling tax relief– Even though our robust economy has led to historic levels of revenue for our state, Democrats still want more. In fact, Democrats have and will continue to block every Republican-led attempt to lower your sales and property taxes.

With Democrats controlling the House, the Senate, and the Governor’s Office, Republican proposals are sure to be obstructed at every turn. But our members are ready to fight, not just for tax relief and common-sense reforms, but against the disastrous policies of the Left.

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