Within the Left’s policy goals awaits an economic collapse

Senate Republican Campaign CommitteeSession 2019

Last week hairdressers from all across the state swarmed the capitol to fight for their livelihoods. What prompted them? A bill proposed by Senate Democrats that threatened to regulate and tax hairdressers, stylists, and anyone who rents a booth, out of business.

To all the small business owners who wrote, called, and testified, fighting for their right to exist — thank you. Your efforts made a difference. The Democrats pulled their job-killing bill. Republicans fight back every day against overregulation and job-killing taxes, but last week showed what passion and energy from voters could accomplish.

We need to keep this up!

The tax bill proposed by Democrats earlier last week is indicative of the Left’s agenda. When you investigate each Inslee/Sawant tax increase pushed by Senate Democrats, it’s clear small businesses and jobs lose out to their extreme ideological agenda. Senate Democrats may cloud their tax increase proposals in fluffy language, but the economic realities inevitably pierce through the obscurity.

In a recent fundraising email, Democrats wrote, “With a stronger, more secure Democratic caucus, we can bring sweeping, progressive change to Washington state.” In other words, Democrats plan on introducing more taxes. As evidenced by their attack on hairdressers, Democrats are serious about burdening Washingtonians with an income tax, higher Business & Occupation taxes, energy taxes, and higher gas taxes.

This legislative session, Inslee and Senate Democrats plan on forcing the capital gains income tax as their flagship tax proposal. No matter how many times they refer to it as an “excise” tax in press releases or speeches, they’ll still be wrong – the capital gains tax is an income tax. Just ask every state revenue department in the country, the IRS, or even our state’s own Department of Commerce. They all agree – the capital gains tax is a tax on income and Washington State Democrats are deceiving voters by suggesting otherwise.

Liberals should be honest with the public and call their capital gains tax what it is, their vehicle to impose a statewide income tax.

Without any new taxes, the state is already projected to have $50 billion to spend during the next budget cycle. With a booming economy (so long as Democrats stay out of the way of job creators) the last thing we need is more taxes.

Republicans will continue to do everything in our power to prevent bad ideas from advancing through the Democrat-controlled state Legislature and advance real solutions.