Stopping Bad Ideas, Promoting Better Ideas

Senate Republican Campaign CommitteeSession 2019

Democrats control Olympia and will use those majorities to impose their legislative agenda on the state.

At least, that’s what liberal fundraising emails would have you believe.

Senate Republicans are fighting tooth and nail. They’re standing up to challenge Inslee’s anti-business policies and chipping away at the disastrous tax plan Senate Democrats hope to impose.

Life in the minority means trying to stop bad ideas and promoting better ideas.

Stopping extreme bills coming out of the Senate Democrat caucus room is a full-time job by itself. But we aren’t just saying no to bad ideas, we’re fighting for better ideas. Here’s some of what we’re pushing for:

  • Repair damage inflicted by the Left’s anti-business policies: Senators Schoesler and O’Ban are working on a bill that would help combat the disastrous tax policies pushed by Seattle City Hall. In response to the liberals’ jobs tax, Republicans want to incentivize job creators and are proposing a “head tax credit” that would help draw businesses and jobs to underemployed counties.
  • Making Government Accessible: Republicans have been working for years on ways to bring needed tax transparency to voters. Currently there is no single resource to help individuals and businesses learn which taxing districts and rates they are subject to. Instead they’re left hunting through countless cumbersome government websites and forms. Senator Brown is trying once again to bring all of that information under one, easy to use, digital roof. Inslee vetoed this form the budget last cycle. Any idea why he might not like it?
  • Bringing Accountability to Sound Transit: With the regional transit authority spending more than $54 billion in tax dollars, it seems like a reasonable request to require that those who serve on Sound Transit’s board be elected by a vote of the ones footing the bill. Senate Republicans are working on a bill to do just that. It is indefensible to give taxation power to Sound Transit over taxpayers when its board isn’t elected by the people. Senator O’Ban is quick to remind anyone who will listen that our country fought a war over that very principle.

It’s easy to get bogged down by and frustrated over the relentless wave of bad bills brought forward by Senate Democrats and wanna-be-President Inslee. But we’re also fighting to bring real solutions to the people of Washington and prevent Senate Democrats from taking our state backwards. Join us today.