What We Do in the Minority

Senate Republican Campaign CommitteeSession 2019

Democrats control Olympia and will use those majorities to impose their legislative agenda on the state.

Life in the minority means attempting to stop bad ideas and promoting better ideas.

With Democrats controlling the House of Representatives, Governor’s office, and the Senate, stopping all of the bad ideas unfortunately takes up a frustrating amount of time. While Republicans would much rather put their energy fully into advancing solutions for our state, that’s just not realistic when Democrats control everything.

Between Inslee’s presidential ambitions and Seattle’s legislative grip on Senate Democrats, there’s no shortage of extremist ideas being floated by the Left. Here’s a taste of what we’re fighting against:

  • Inslee’s path to socialized medicine: In a rush to pad his liberal resume before Inslee announces his run for Vice-President, he’s trotting out every single extremist policy special interests can feed him. Just look at recent legislation that would create a “public option” health-care plan within the state’s existing health insurance exchange. Inslee’s plan wouldn’t actually reduce overall health care costs or help the uninsured, it would simply shift a bulk of the cost to the private insurance market, leading to increased costs and longer wait times for care. It will eventually lead to everyone having to get rid of their private insurance.
  • Income tax: While Seattle’s income tax flounders in the courts, Senate Democrats are determined to undo the constitutional provision outlawing a statewide income tax. They keep saying a tax on capital gains isn’t an income tax but an excise tax. Not according to literally everyone else.
  • Assault on Our Constitutional Rights: We’re barely to the second month of the session and Senate Democrats have already proposed a host of unconstitutional anti-gun bills. From bans on common magazines to the allowance of firearm seizures without due process (the 4th Amendment might have something to say about that), Olympia liberals aren’t wasting any time. Sign this petition to stand up against this attack on our rights.

This is just a peek into the agenda of the extreme Left. We haven’t even seen their budget proposals yet! Republicans will continue to do everything in our power to prevent bad ideas from advancing through the Democrat-controlled Olympia.

We can’t do it alone, and earlier this month we saw what taxpayers, business owners, and concerned Washingtonians can accomplish when you speak out. A bill proposed by Senate Democrats threatened to regulate and tax hairdressers, stylists, and anyone who rents a booth, out of business, you pushed back. That passion and energy is why Senate Democrats killed the bill. Your efforts made a difference!