Democrats refuse to listen to voters

Senate Republican Campaign CommitteeSession 2019

If you’ve been paying attention to what the Democrats are saying, you’re bound to hear the phrase “begin the conversation” at least a dozen times over a 20-minute time span. Except conversations are supposed to be two sided.

When it comes to conversations on tax increases, Democrats conveniently forget the listening part. They should just call them what they are, “proclamations.”

If the Left was interested in truly listening to voters, it would be easy for them to hear voters don’t want more taxes. They would give up their crusade for more and more taxes. Look at their latest attempt to pass a statewide income tax. You have overwhelmingly rejected four statewide initiatives and six proposed constitutional amendments.

After ten massive failures, rather than take that as an indication that perhaps Washington shouldn’t have an income tax, Senate Democrats have now decided that it’s time to wage a disinformation campaign.

Democrats calling it a capital gains tax, or an “Extraordinary Profits Tax,” doesn’t change the fact that what they’re trying to pass is an income tax.

That’s not the only tax they’re trying to force on Washington, despite countless objections by voters. Democrats are also pushing for numerous energy taxes and a massive hike in property taxes. See how much Senate Democrats could cost you at the pump with our calculator.

Inslee and Democrats know how unpopular their tax proposals are – voters have repeatedly told them at the ballot box. Clearly the desire of the Seattle Left is more important to Olympia Democrats than representing the entire state.

Democrats will pitch these taxes as being targeted only to the wealthiest among us. That isn’t true. Every Washingtonian will see their paychecks get smaller and wallets get lighter, all so Democrats can hand more of your hard-earned dollars over to the special interests who donate millions to their campaigns.

The booming economy has provided billions in additional state revenue. We simply don’t need additional taxes to make important investments in special education, transportation, and mental-health.

It’s time Democrats looked at solutions that worked for all of Washington, not just the extreme Seattle Left.