Campaign Issues

Democrats have taken our state in the wrong direction. On the key issues, the difference is clear:

  • Democrats chose to raise taxes, Republicans believe these new taxes will hurt our economy and slow job creation.
  • Democrats cut funding for our schools, Republicans said increase funding for education and reduce college tuition.
  • Democrats kept spending and protecting their special interests, Republicans said stop the spending and reform state government.

Read more about the major issues impacting our state:

Creating Jobs, Getting the Economy Back on Track

We need a vibrant economy with good-paying careers that help everyone succeed. Rather than raise people up, Democrats passed the largest tax increase in state history and continue to push for more taxes. These punitive policies hurt job creation and our rural areas. Republicans will kickstart the economy by providing relief to small businesses and opposing job-killing tax increases.

Responsible State Budgeting

Over the last ten years, Democrats’ reckless spending has resulted in multi-billion dollar deficits, drastic cuts to education, and higher taxes. Democrat special interest groups continue to prosper, while taxpayers and our kids pay the price. Democrats have refused to reform state government to put us on a path to long-term financial stability without further tax increases. Republicans pushed instead for a four-year balanced budget requirement, and passed budgets that fund state government without raising taxes.

Keeping Taxes Low; Respecting the Voters

Over the last five years, Democrats voted to repeal I-960, the initiative requiring a 2/3 vote of the Legislature to raise taxes, and approved a $900 million tax package in 2010 that hit small businesses and families with higher sales and B&O taxes.

Improving Our Schools, Making College More Affordable

Between 2009-2012, Democrats slashed more than $4 billion from our public schools and blocked reform measures to increase accountability and standards. Since Republicans took control of the State Senate in 2013, we have increased education funding by $3 billion and passed reforms to increase performance and accountability in the classroom. We also cut college tuition for the first time in state history.